Pre-season Scrimmage-October 7

We have arranged for a Pre-Season Scrimmage for our Mites, Squirts, Peewee’s and Bantams.
Saturday October 7th at Mennen Arena in Morristown

Mites vs. Long Valley – 9:45-10:45

Squirts vs. Long Valley – 10:45-11:45

Peewee’s will play the Bantams 12:00-1:15 (Coaches may decide to mix up the teams for this scrimmage)

We should be receiving the Regular Season Game schedule any day now from the league and will share immediately. The regular Season will likely begin Friday October 13th.

Go Blue Knights!

“Bonus” Practice Session added

Bonus “Sunrise” Practice Sessions added!Saturday September 23rd — MENNEN Arena 

Mites & Squirts 7:30-8:30 am 

Peewees & Bantams 8:30-9:30 am

Midgets 10:30-11:45 am

Bonus practices are also added to the Schedules page of this website (click the link at the top) and are also announced on our Facebook page. 

Spirit Wear and Team Pictures

Hello everyone! Our Spirit wear Store is open! 
Please follow this link to our store: 

The store is open until midnight on September 24th. When your items are ready, they will let you know and you can pick them up at the Middlebury store on your way to practice! 

In addition, please make note that team pictures will be taken on Monday November 13th prior to practice. Please arrive 45 minutes before your scheduled practice time. Individual pictures will be taken first and then team pictures will be taken on the ice. 

Equipment Update

MCYHL and Denville PAL follow the USA Hockey rules for equipment. As we begin our season, please read the following EQUIPMENT UPDATE: 

  • HELMETS: Check the expiration date on the round HECC sticker on the back, make sure yours is still valid. Also, wear a face cage or full visor. 
  • NECK GUARD: USA Hockey are not yet mandating their use, however our counterparts in Canada are. Denville PAL Hockey STRONGLY RECOMMENDS use of a neck guard. 
  • MOUTHPIECE: A non-clear mouthpiece is required at PeeWee and above; however Denville PAL encourages all players, at all ages to wear one. Referees will enforce mouthpieces being worn properly (not hanging out of the mouth) at all levels. 
  • PRACTICES: Full protective gear is required at practices. Any jersey is acceptable. 

Your coaches should be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Full USA hockey equipment rules are here.

2017-2018 Registration is Now Open!

We have opened up our registration process for the 2017-2018 season. Once again, to simplify the registration process, we are offering the ability to register and pay online. Please note, you will need a current 2017-18 USA Hockey Registration ID Number in order to complete our registration process.


First, register with USA Hockey ($40 fee for those born in 2010 or earlier, free for those born later)
Then, register with Denville PAL

If you prefer to complete an offline registration, contact our Registrar.

Hockey Mania Winners!

Congrats to all of the Winners of Hockey Mania for the 2016-17 Year!

Week 1: Jeremy Sussman (Mite) – $25 (eTicket 53-7H801)

Week 2: Paul McDermott – $25 (ticket 3650-7H002)

Week 3:  Mandy Markt (Mite) – $25 (ticket 3578-7H002)

Week 4: Jason Morgenroth – $25 (ticket 3408-7H002)

Week 5: Scott Estrin (Squirt) – $25 (ticket 3412-7H002)

Week 6: Santina Little – $25 (ticket 3327-7H002)

Week 7: Richard Strunk -$25.00 (ticket 3382-7H002)

Week 8:  Tom Colombrito-$25.00 (ticket 3322-7H002)

Week 9:  Rob Laino- $25.00 (ticket 3524-7H002)

Week 10- Fran LaCouture – $75.00 (ticket 3309-7H002)

Week 11: Verna Lange – $300 (ticket 3510-7H002)
Week 11: John & Linda Gibbons – $75 (ticket 3415-7H002)
Week 11: Tim Polizzi – $25  (ticket 3631-7H002)
Week 12:  Brenda Brickner -$25.00 (ticket 22-7H801)
Week 13:  Kevin McGrutey -$25.00 (ticket 3358-7H801)
Week 14: Anthony Trifari – $25 (ticket 3355-7H002)
Week 15: Jeff Kirk – $25 (ticket 160-7H801)