Hockey Mania

We will once again be selling HockeyMania tickets to help raise money for the Denville Ice Hockey program. We are a non-profit organization and all of our fundraising efforts are used to pay for ice time and to continue to keep our registration fees low. We have limited our fundraising requests this year so we are looking for 100% participation from our players.

Purchasing a HockeyMania ticket entitles you get digital music downloads from the CharityStudio at Your ticket allows you to download songs from up-and-coming artists from all different genres of music (see a list of all the songs included with your access code). The ticket also includes a HockeyMania sweepstakes entry.

HockeyMania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional hockey which runs the last 15 weeks of the NHL season. All game cards have an equal chance to win $1000s in prize money based on the performance of the random hockey teams printed on the back. In addition, our program is guaranteed one $25.00 winner every week. See the Charity Mania Fact Sheet for more information.

We are asking that each family sell a minimum of 5 cards. The cards sell for $20 each. Each family was provided with 5 tickets at practice on Monday November 13. Please collect the completed return stub of the card, as well as the $20 per ticket and return to Deanna Critchley, coach or your team parent volunteer. We can provide more tickets beyond the 5 if needed!! Sell, Sell, Sell!

All tickets need to be sold and handed in by December 16th for the card to be activated.

Also this year, you can sell tickets online. Please use the following link to send to friends/relatives outside of NJ. No card to mail them, all can be done online!

And as a bonus….we are offering $250.00 off of 2018-19 Registration to the family that sells the most tickets!!!

Questions? Email Deanna Critchley: dlcritchley [at]
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