Equipment Update

MCYHL and Denville PAL follow the USA Hockey rules for equipment. As we begin our season, please read the following EQUIPMENT UPDATE: 

  • HELMETS: Check the expiration date on the round HECC sticker on the back, make sure yours is still valid. Also, wear a face cage or full visor. 
  • NECK GUARD: USA Hockey are not yet mandating their use, however our counterparts in Canada are. Denville PAL Hockey STRONGLY RECOMMENDS use of a neck guard. 
  • MOUTHPIECE: A non-clear mouthpiece is required at PeeWee and above; however Denville PAL encourages all players, at all ages to wear one. Referees will enforce mouthpieces being worn properly (not hanging out of the mouth) at all levels. 
  • PRACTICES: Full protective gear is required at practices. Any jersey is acceptable. 

Your coaches should be able to answer any questions you may have. 

Full USA hockey equipment rules are here.